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Puppy Toilet house Training

For many people the idea of having a brand new puppy is very exciting until they start to think about how they are going to toilet train him or her. If you are one of those people you'll be glad to know that toilet training doesn't have to be difficult. These 3 steps can go a long way towards successfully toilet training your dog.


Step 1: Day 1-3. During the first few days of having your puppy, you need to take your puppy outside very, very often. You should take your dog outside every hour, and always to the same spot. Wait for him/her to relieve themselves and then praise him very excitedly. You should kiss, hug and be over the top with excitement, and also reward him with a few pieces of puppy food. By reacting this way, you're showing your puppy that going to the toilet outside is a good thing and that they'll be rewarded for doing so. Additionally, you should also take him out just before you go to bed at night, and also once or twice during the night. It might be annoying having to wake up a couple of times during the night, but this will be the best for the long run.


Step 2: Day 4-10. As your puppy slowly begins to learn that going to the toilet outside is what should do, you can begin to decrease the frequency at which you take him outside. Every 90-120 minutes is how often you should begin to take him outside. As time goes by, he'll begin to learn that he has to go to the toilet outside and will begin letting you know that when he needs to. You should always keep an eye on him when hes inside, however, to ensure he doesn't mess up.


Step 3: Day 10 Onwards. At this stage, your dog should be developing an understand of where he is and isn't allowed to go to the toilet. You should still always keep an eye on him when hes inside to ensure no mistakes are made.


It may take a bit of work for you initially, however, by developing good habits in your dog at a young age, you'll have a much happier experience for many years to come.