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No Place Like Home - In the Doghouse

No Place Like Home - In the Doghouse


Our house is our security blanket. It is where we escape from the outside world. Humans require this if they are to function within the wider context. Dogs, too, need to feel secure. They need some place to call their own. While many pets wander throughout the entire house, you will still find they favor one place. This is their hidey-hole. This is where they go to escape the world. Here, they feel secure.


You can offer them a form of security by providing them a home within your home. This can take many different shapes. If your dog is an outside dog or enjoys a kennel, you can provide him or her with a doghouse. Inside, options include a wide variety of crates. If you have an aversion to crates, you can consider a specific room or corner as his (or hers). Instead of providing a crate, you can make sure your dog has a special bed.


Some dogs have both internal and external homes. This makes the dog feel comfortable wherever he or she is. Remember, although your dog may love being outdoors, do not leave him or her there without protection. Your pet is after all a pet. A pet is meant to share your home. An outdoor doghouse is to ensure he or she enjoys the time outside.


A doghouse is no longer the thrown together wooden hut. Doggy domiciles come in all sizes, shapes and materials. There are sloped roofs, domed roofs and antique roofs. Wood, plastic and strong new materials comprise the list of substances. Structural foam and strong polymers comprise the list of new and durable substances.


There are solar doghouses and traditional models. You can buy a doghouse of two storeys and choose a design that mimics your own home. You can choose from barn-shaped doghouses and pyramid shapes. You can set up your dog in a New England Cape Cod home or space-age pod. You can, also, if you have the time, skill and patience, build one yourself.


Whatever your choice, make sure the doghouse is durable, suitable, weatherproof and snug. It must be warm in the winter and cool during the summer. There should be no leaks. It must be washable, rot proof and resistant or at least unwelcoming to any vermin. If you have a house without cracks, you can avoid many infestations by insects and pests requiring some narrow place to incubate.


Water should not come in through the door soaking the bedding. You either raise the doghouse from the ground or make sure the door is never at ground level. Some houses have doggy flaps. Others have a specially designed entrance to ensure the wind and rain does not blow in. You can help by placing the doghouse in the most advantageous spot in the yard or run. Make sure, it is set away from the prevailing wind. If there is a tether, be sure your dog can reach shade or sun.


Besides the shape and design of the house, you need to consider the contents. A dog needs food and water. Always supply your pet with abundant water. A doghouse also requires a comfortable bed. Straw, wood shavings and old blankets are the basic standbys. Whatever you select, make sure it is washable. You will need to replace the straw and wood shavings periodically. You also have to wash the blankets or dog bed on a regular basis.


A doghouse can make your outdoor dog happy. It provides choice. It is a place of security and comfort. It is not to replace your home and your love. It is to show you understand and respect his needs and you care.

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